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a selection of our destinations:   taiwan • china • Kuala Lumpur • INDONESIA • KUwAit • Bahrain • Qatar • Jordan • Pakistan • Libanon • UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: dUBAI • abu dhabi • Sharjah • KINGDOM OF SaUdi ArabiA: rIYADH • dammam • jeddah • UNITED STATES: New York • Los Angeles • Miami • CANADA: Toronto • CALGARY


Horse E.T. has weekly flights to various destinations worldwide, therefore we can quickly arrange a suitable flight for your horse, at which the welfare of your horse always comes first. We offer you a stable-to-stable service.

In most cases, your horses and required paperwork are prepared for export at our own accommodation where we have 50 stalls in 4 different barns. Or, if desired, we can guide you with the necessary formalities at your own stable. We provide transport from every stable in Europe to the destination stable.

Every country has its own laws and rules. But of our qualified personal contacts and cooperation with agents all over the world, we are aware of the latest changes in these rules and are able to arrange everything needed also at the country of destination. Examples are the import permit and, when needed, quarantine and road transport.

Horse E.T. also offers charter flights from Europe to international competitions and shows on a regular basis. We will arrange all the necessary paperwork, in this way, the riders/trainers can focus on preparing for the competition while in the meantime; we will take care of the carriage .

In short: Horse E.T. takes care of everything regarding the transport of your horse.

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We handle the worldwide import of horses from stable to stable.

Horse E.T. has significant experience in importing horses from all over the world. Through our good contacts and cooperation with agents around the world, and our knowledge of Customs procedures, you are assured of a trouble-free import procedure. In most cases we will send our own flying grooms to pick up your horses at location.

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Some countries require a pre-export quarantine before your horse is permitted.

Horse E.T. can offer you this pre-quarantine for your horse in the quarantine section on our grounds. All necessary facilities are available for care and training during this quarantine period. We have a walker machine, lunging area’s, sand/grass paddocks and for training of your horses a 40×60 all-weather jumping arena. Also we can provide services of a Farrier or Dentist. The groom who takes care of your horse(s) during the quarantine period will also accompany your horses during the flight. The well being of your horse is always our first priority.

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