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Marjolijn Verhoeve owns horse E.T.; she works in cooperation with local employees. With over 10 years of experience in horse export to Kuwait, Marjolijn started in 2012 working with an agency in the Middle East. This became Horse E.T. Because of the good local contacts we can present ourselves as “specialist of the Middle East.” Because we work with local agents and the experience Marjolijn has we have a head start compared to others.

Horse E.T. not only provides transport to, or from any other continent, we can also take care of transport within the EU. After your request we will provide a free quote with every aspect of the process including on veterinary and customs, we provide the information relevant to you. Because Horse E.T. works with outstanding agents with great experience in the customs field is a smooth handling and quick transport guaranteed.


• Kuwait Riding Center
• Ibrahim Bischarat
• Asayel stud Kuwait



Marjolijn is the driving force behind Horse E.T. She is your contact person and arranges the entire process from the office in the Netherlands. Marjolijn has been around horses since her childhood and provides air transport since 2005 of the most diverse types of horses. She speaks several languages and has successfully completed her training at the IATA, which makes Horse E.T. IATA certified.


Rob (showjumper) is the groom of Horse.E.T. He flies with your horses to their final destination. He is also stable manager and takes care of your horses during their stay in our stables. Rob leads a special trained team of part-time grooms that can be used by us.

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